Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Control-M Job based licenses: How Control-M job based licenses work?

This is how generally BMC Control-M Job based / Task based licenses works. Remember this is just general statement so please consider your agreement.

1. For any license calculations generally BMC uses "License usage report" which is generated through license usage utility, Available to download on BMC electronic product download section of the www.bmc.com site.

2. Generally license is counted for all the environments no matter whether it is a Test/SIT/Dev/Quality/Performance testing or production environment. So total count of jobs across all the environment is calculated to decide the peak usage of the particular day.

3. License usage utility generates report for last one year from current day minus one day. E.g if you run the report today it will produce the data from 28th December 2014 till 28th December 2015.

4. So maximum peak usage will be taken into consideration while counting job licenses consumption. So if in a last one year you have run 5000 job only in one day and the rest of the days you ran only 2000 jobs daily still you will be licensed for 5000 jobs.

5. Total number of jobs available in AJF(Active job file) is the max license consumed for that day. Whenever any job is ordered that is assigned an unique order id.

6. Daily total job count is stored in the EM Database in NET_REPORT table. This table contains the daily job count. When we run the license usage utility report data is collected from this table.

7. No matter a job is run or not, if it is loaded and present in AJF it will be consuming licenses.

8. Things to remember are:

       a. Failed job does not get deleted on the next day's NDP. It gets deleted from next day +1. So if a job was loaded to run on 29th December 2015 and it got failed. Then on the 30th December 2015 NDP it will not get cleaned and rather stay in AJF. This will be consuming license on 30th December 2015 as well. So you need to plan to either delete the job on 29th December 2015 before start of next day's NDP or fix the issue and make sure the job is not staying in failed state.

     b. When a job is put on hold it does not get deleted on NDP(new day procedure). So it will be consuming licenses till the time it is in AJF.

    c. If you order same job multiple times to AJF then it will be counted as multiple jobs. Even though the job is same.

   d. If the same job is run multiple times in a day (because the job is cyclic and is supposed to run at some interval e.g. maybe every 20 minutes) this job will be consuming only one license.

Please plan the licenses accordingly otherwise you may end up using way more licenses then you actually had and will eventually be paying high penalty :(

Note: This is as per my understanding so please go through your terms of purchase and agreement. 

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